Bach: Chromatic Fantasia

ΕΤΑΙΡΙΑ: Melodiya
ΣΥΝΘΕΤΗΣ: Johann Sebastian Bach
Κωδικός: 4600317125708


Firma Melodiya presents Nikolai Lugansky’s recital of Johann Sebastian Bach’s works recorded in 1990. "A romantic hero", "a pianist of all-absorbing sensitivity"... This is how the audience normally perceives Lugansky, an inspired interpreter of the works by Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Schumann and Liszt. Although the pianist was awarded the Silver Medal of the 1988 Bach International Competition in Leipzig, Bach was not a frequent name in his concert repertoire. The pianist finished the Moscow Conservatory’s Central Music School where he studied the piano with Professor Tatiana Nikolayeva who won a convincing victory at the first Bach Competition held in 1950. She was recognized to be one of the best interpreters of the Leipzig cantor’s music of the second half of the twentieth century. The Teacher’s outstanding mastery that carries the light of the great tradition of "Russian Bachiana" could not pass without a trace for the emerging pianist. The 18-year-old Nikolai Lugansky interprets Bach as a successor of the traditions of the Russian performing school. The recital program reflects the wide stylistic and genre spectrum of Bach’s clavier legacy. The Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue conceived by the composer in the early 1720’s in Kothen for a “big” harpsichord with two manuals (keyboards) and a pedal; Partita No. 6, along with five other pieces published by Bach in the first edition of the Keyboard Exercises in Leipzig (1731); the Italian Concerto for solo clavier that was completed in 1735 and became a peculiar outcome of Bach’s music in the concerto genre. Exploration of the Bach repertoire became an important milestone on Lugansky’s path to the highest achievements of piano art. This "early" recital of the pianist is still perceived as a convincing creative victory, a vivid contribution to the performing arts of the late twentieth century.

Chromatic fantasy and fugue in D minor, BWV 903: I. Fantasia (Live) Nikolay Lugansky (Johann Sebastian Bach) 07:08
Chromatic fantasy and fugue in D minor, BWV 903: II. Fugue (Live) Nikolay Lugansky (Johann Sebastian Bach) 05:07
Italian Concerto in F Major, BWV 971: I. Allegro (Live) Nikolay Lugansky (Johann Sebastian Bach) 03:58
Italian Concerto in F Major, BWV 971: II. Andante (Live) Nikolay Lugansky (Johann Sebastian Bach) 05:32
Italian Concerto in F Major, BWV 971: III. Presto (Live) Nikolay Lugansky (Johann Sebastian Bach) 03:30
Partita in E Minor, BWV 830: I. Toccata (Live) Nikolay Lugansky (Johann Sebastian Bach) 08:15
Partita in E Minor, BWV 830: II. Allemande (Live) Nikolay Lugansky (Johann Sebastian Bach) 02:48
Partita in E Minor, BWV 830: III. Courante (Live) Nikolay Lugansky (Johann Sebastian Bach) 02:11
Partita in E Minor, BWV 830: IV. Air (Live) Nikolay Lugansky (Johann Sebastian Bach) 01:34
Partita in E Minor, BWV 830: V. Sarabande (Live) Nikolay Lugansky (Johann Sebastian Bach) 05:22
Partita in E Minor, BWV 830: VI. Tempo di Gavotta (Live) Nikolay Lugansky (Johann Sebastian Bach) 01:52
Partita in E Minor, BWV 830: VII. Gigue (Live) Nikolay Lugansky (Johann Sebastian Bach) 02:46

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