Terms of Use

Terms of Use

The site is provided by the company under the name OPERA COMPACT DISC headquartered in Athens, Academy Street No. 57, under the terms and conditions set out below.
Each user can freely visit the website. The visitor / user represents and warrants that it will use the website in accordance with these terms, rules and provisions of national, Community and international law and morality.
The visitor / user is responsible for restoring any damage caused to the record store OPERA or any third from unlawful or improper use of the services or pages or any portion of this site and the import, transmission and publication, through this, of any information, text, software or file.
If the visitor / user does not agree or understand these terms, in whole or in part, must not visiting and / or using this site.
These transactions are the responsibility of the users, since it exercised no control, correction or other intervention in the data that users enter.

Terms of sale

All transactions made through this website are governed by specific conditions of sale as stated in the relevant page of the website (Help for the website), who are an integral part of these terms and the provisions of Greek, European and international legislation on remote sales.

User Responsibility

Users agree and undertake not to use the online store to send, post, send by e-mail or transmitted in any other way any Content (a) that is unlawful and illegal attack and cause damage to the OPERA or any third party or affects the confidentiality or privacy of any person information (b) inducing breach of morality, social values, etc. anilikotitas (c) a professional, proprietary and confidential information learned or disclosed because of work or other relationships or covered by the law or customs of trade since the start of confidentiality, (d) that violates trademark, trade secret, copyright OPERA's business or third party proprietary rights of the company or third OPERA, (e) that contains software viruses or other computer code, files or programs designed to cause any harm or damage the software or hardware of computers (f) that involves violation of applicable law (g) relating to collect or store personal data about other users.

Login or Register

The user who entered the site must register personal information is complete and accurate.
During registration a user is required to submit (a) Names of natural persons or legal entity name, (b) Address or office, (c) Postal Code (d) telephone number, (e) e-mail. If the customer requests an invoice, you must submit a profession, VAT and Tax
The record store OPERA reserves the right to delete user account if it is found that the information stated is incorrect, or not connected to the account in the last 12 months, or has ever progressed in a transaction or uses the account improperly or seeks to impair the website and physiognomy.

Copyright - Reproduction of the content

Specifically prohibited in any case in any way reproduce, republish, modify, distribute, distribution, transmission, use and general operation of all or part of the contents of this website for any reason. The website includes material including but images, audio, trademarks, service marks, trade names, distinctive signs, music and other content owned or rights therein or the record store or third OPERA and are intellectual property of these respectively.
Also included in the website design, logos, texts, graphics, images, photos and software intellectual property OPERA. All the above are protected by law and suspension of the material on the website should not be regarded as a transfer or assignment of this material to users.

Limits of Liability

The record store OPERA take the necessary protective measures for the proper functioning of this website, in any case does not warrant that the contents, websites and technical facilities and features of the site will be provided without interruption and without problems, nor that the website and / or servers («servers») through which he connected with the computer of the visitors / users will be provided without damaging applications that were installed without his knowledge.
The record store OPERA assumes no responsibility for any damage caused to any visitor / user to access and use the content and services of the website. The OPERA record store strives to provide and ensure a high level of information and services through its website, but is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness or correctness of the information provided on this website.
Also not responsible for any redefinition of the price of the products offered on the part of producer companies, as well as for any graphic or numerical errors in prices or other information products.
The record store OPERA is not responsible for any damage caused to the customer by not fulfilling its contractual obligations due to events of force majeure or outside the scope of control (indicatively network failures, strikes, banks, transportation interruption etc).

Referral links («links») to other websites

This web site may contain referral links «links», «hyperlinks», advertising «banners» to other websites on which the record store OPERA has not any control and is not connected in any way. The record store OPERA assumes no responsibility regarding the content, the protection of personal data, the quality, safety, legality and accuracy of the information or services from other websites or pages which may be referred through links, of any kind.
For any damage caused to the visitor / user to use and access of the aforementioned sites or pages, the sole responsibility lies with the persons operating or working in their respective websites. The responsibility for the content, legality and validity of the content on the website advertising, bear exclusively advertisers.

Applicable Law - Jurisdiction

This site is created and controlled by the IPS. The use and operation are governed by Greek law. The IPS has the right to make changes to the content of the site and these terms without notice. For any dispute that may arise in the interpretation - the application of these terms and by making electronic transactions through this Web site is exclusively competent Courts of Athens.


If the visitor / user has any questions or need any assistance in relation to the use of this website please contact the record store OPERA.


The record store OPERA to facilitate smooth operation and services provided electronically through this Web site may use cookies.
The cookies are small strings files that are stored on the computer of the visitor / user and which facilitate the connection of the site to each visitor / user. The use of cookies is necessary for the realization of electronic transactions and the provision of certain services (such as but not limited to, search privacy settings, storing pre-selected orders etc). If the visitor / user chooses to block, through the server, the storage of cookies on his computer, it will not be possible to carry out the order.

Right to Modify

The record store OPERA reserves the right to discontinue, suspend or modify at any time and without notice offered on this website services and information. Also reserves the right to modify these terms at any time use.

Privacy Policy

The management and protection of personal data of users of this website is subject to these terms and the provisions of Greek and European law. Any request or order sent to your website is private.
The record store OPERA treats all personal data of the user, which can not be divulged to third parties, except those provisions of the Act and only to the competent authorities on request. If the email address you provide is false or the user is substituted in place of all of the information as well as the IP address can be part of any investigation.
The OPERA record shop keeps records of user's personal information, solely for purposes of communication, service, support, and complete transactions. The user can communicate with the record store to gain access to personal records and request any correction or deletion, excluding files whose observance impose taxes and other provisions.
The OPERA record store may send newsletters, to email or postal address of the user to inform him about new products or promotions, unless he explicitly stated his objection.

Transaction Security

The IPS and record store OPERA recognize the maximum severity of the security of personal information and online transactions and have taken all necessary measures to guarantee the best possible way. All information related to the users' personal information safeguarded as confidential, ways and means prescribed by the rules of the transmission of information via the internet. Indicative encrypts all your personal information, the number of your credit card, your name and address, so that it can not be read or changed during transport over the Internet.

Shipping Costs

Each shipment, either in Greece or abroad bear shipping costs. These costs are similar to the charges of the Greek Post (ELTA), according to the official price list.

If the customer wishes for shipment in two installments (eg be sent directly available to be separately sending those expected), the calculation for shipping costs made for each task separately, regardless of the uniform calculation has done on the site.

Payment and transaction security

The record store OPERA offers you the opportunity to pay your order in any of these ways you want and safely.

(A) Payment on delivery: this only applies to products sold in Greece. In this case you pay cash when you receive your order. The total amount includes the value of the product, VAT and shipping costs.

(B) Payment by credit card in a safe environment table (redirect Eurobank EFG). This method of payment is valid for sales in Greece and abroad. In this case you can use VISA or MASTERCARD or DINERS issuing any bank. At checkout you connect directly to the electronic platform of the same bank (Eurobank EFG), which give you the same command to charge the card without you share data in our music store. In this way, the transaction is in the environment code and safety systems of the Bank and e-banking, do not send your card details outside banks, credit card details are not kept in any file outside tables. Then the bank notifies us that you have made the commitment value of your order. This payment is completed and credited to our account only if execute your order, until that time the redemption amount is actually only blocked by the bank. If for any reason a dispute arises in favor of the client, the difference shall be released in favor of the customer.

Purchases from abroad and send gift to another recipient paid by credit card or by contacting deposit in a bank account.

Time and delivery

Time to send the record store OPERA is usually 2 to 4 working days from the day of order, if the website stated that the products are available. The delivery time for products ordered upon request, defined and agreed as appropriate.

Shipments within Greece and abroad are the only Post Office and receive the address you provide.

Simultaneously with the delivery of your order, your account is updated to perform and receive informational email (if you order complete with predefined steps on the website).

For shipments within Greece will be delivered to your address, usually 2-4 working days after dispatch. For mailings outward delivery times depend on the times of the post office, but by the time the post office of the destination country.

Specific reasons (eg not directly available custom cd, delivery delay is not directly available on cd responsibility of the production company, vacation periods during which certain production companies shut down, overload during periods of holidays, strikes, etc.) can extend their shipping time. Majeure (eg exceptional weather conditions or other factors affecting the mission) can extend delivery times.

Shipping orders abroad

Purchases from abroad paid by credit card or by contacting deposit in a bank account

Send to another recipient

You can order CD's which will be sent as a gift from you to another receiver and another address you will indicate the steps you checkout.

The recipient will receive the gift in your document will not mention the prices of the CD's, while the evidence of price and value of the shipment will be sent electronically or by mail. In the document accompanying the consignment gift will refer your information to the principal. In case of request for sending gifts applies only payment by credit card.

Times and delivery are the same times that apply to all orders. The same goes for the shipping cost.

Availability of cd's

The categories of availability of CD's are as follows:

- Readily available. There is in our warehouse. Usually ships in 2-4 business days.

- Available. Not in our warehouse stocked but the producer company. Usually ships in 6 to 7 working days.

- Discontinued. Can not be sold. In this case, your account will be credited directly to the amount of the value of the cd and other charges.

Help on search

In the advanced search you will find instructions to simplify browsing the site.

In any case you encounter a problem with your search, you can contact us to assist you.

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