Schumacher - Beauty In Simplicity

ΕΤΑΙΡΙΑ: Neue Meister
Κωδικός: 885470009469


In his concerts, pianist Kai Schumacher blurs the boundaries between classical avant-garde and pop culture without getting stuck in well-trodden crossover paths. With "Beauty in Simplicity" Schumacher combines original compositions and his own arrangements for piano and pianotronics into a repetitive set between meditation and mania. In works from three centuries by Erik Satie, Steve Reich or Moderat, Minimal Music meets its aesthetic pioneers and epigones from Ambient, Techno and Postrock.

New music in the 1950s meant one thing above all else: highest complexity and maximum alienation from the Audience. This changed radically at the end of the 1960s, as a group Beatniks the musical orders of the Avantgarde completely revamped and for one of the last great upheavals in the serious music of the 20th century and I was worried about you.

Composers like Steve Reich liberated classical music from the dogmas of serialism and created a new Aesthetics of sound with a psychedelic pulling effect, which is Rhythms of the Indonesian Gamelan, the coolness of the Free jazz and the energy of rock music. The excessive intellectualisation of the European newcomers Music they set a new kind of performance culture towards him: The Lofts and Clubs of the New York Art Scene became the hotspots of the avant-garde and let Darmstadt and Donaueschingen suddenly like dusty ivory towers from a time long gone.

The Minimal Music of the 1960s relied on a combination of new simplicity of musical structure, repetitive elements, tonal harmony and uncompromising reduction of the musical material - the idea of the "Patterns" was born without genres like ambient, techno or post- Rock would have been unthinkable. An irony of fate, that a form of classical music that was introduced a few decades ago for the last big performance scandals of the 20th century, until today influence of the on mainstream culture like no other before it.

Based on Steve Reich's masterpiece Electric Counterpoint in a new arrangement for piano and pre-recorded pianos throws Kai Schumacher on his album Beauty in Simplicity a musical view of classical forerunners and pop cultural successors of Minimal Music. Well erik Satie's fragile sound surfaces become trailblazers the ambient music of a Brian Eno or P. M. Hamel's psychedelic Piano works for inspiration for piano transcriptions of Moderat.

Instead of digital sound production, Kai Schumacher on the concert grand piano as a fully analog synthesizer and created on probably the most classic of all instruments through preparations and sound processing seemingly electronic sound worlds between Drum-Machine and Wall of Sound.

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